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FOILS team of financial advisors will offer expert advice on the incorporation of International Mutual Funds. Mr. Tonjaka Kho-Hinkson will guide you through every step needed for incorporating a fund that can be run professionally and assist funds managers achieve the level of administrative intelligence that will result in a successful St. Lucia Offshore Mutual Fund.

At FOILS we understand the parameters needed to see high yields and maximum performance of a fund, and we aim to establish structures that minimize management risk, and maximize administrative efficiency. Our approach is keep it simple, and make it efficient. This gives managers the peace of mind needed to actively or passively manage a fund knowing the corporate structure we have built is robust and works.

Here is a list of the services FortGate will provide to you in order to successfully establish your mutual fund.

  • Drafting the special Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Fund.
  • Provision of the Registered Agent and Registered Office for the Fund
  • Incorporation of the Fund company as a SLU International Business Company.
  • Payment of standard Government fees at incorporation of the Fund company.
  • Drafting of First Minutes, appointment of directors and primary corporate documents.
  • Obtaining duplicate Certificate of Incorporation (required for licensing purposes).
  • Drafting of the Offering Memorandum.
  • Drafting of the Management and Administration contracts.
  • Legal review of all corporate and contractual documents by SLU  legal counsel. (Mr. Tonjaka E. Hinkson Attorney at Law for Fortgate Offshore LTD.
  • Drafting of the licence Application for recognition Private Fund.
  • Submission of the licence Application along with the accompanying documents.
  • Payment of Mutual fund Application fee and Recognition fee to  SLU FIA (financial Intelligence Authority)
  • Follow-up with the licence Application and liaison with the  Financial Intelligence Authority.
  • Appointment of one corporate director to the Fund.
  • Assistance with appointment of banker and opening of bank account.
  • Assistance with appointment of broker and opening of brokerage account.
  • Completion of W8BEN forms.

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