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We at Fortgate believe your offshore structure and your business can only be run effectively if your offshore banking services are also efficient. Once your St Lucia Offshore Company is registered, it can only be fully effective if the offshore bank with which it is integrated, provides a smooth and efficient service. That means full internet access to your offshore accounts. That also means simple online money transfers both inter-bank and internationally to any bank in the world within 48 hours, as well as hands on customer service so that you deal with Business Development Officers within the bank who are aware of, and know exactly what your expectations are.

These are the qualities we look for when choosing an offshore bank to share our business with. We believe that the services these banks provide are a reflection of our own services and we strive to align ourselves with financial institutions that live up to the standard we expect, and our clients expect. Armed with these expectations we choose the most effective banking facilities in the Caribbean region. At the top of our list is The Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited. We work closely with BOSLIL to give our clients a personalised service which is fast, professional and most of all modern in their approach to banking services.

Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited (BOSLIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECFH (East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited), a publicly traded company listed on the East Caribbean Securities Exchange, the premiere financial services group in Saint Lucia and arguably the largest in the Eastern Caribbean. The strength and stability of the group is highlighted by the quality of its shareholders which include the Government of Saint Lucia, Republic Bank Limited, a consortium of five OECS indigenous banks and financial institutions, National Insurance Corporation (Saint Lucia), with the remaining 30% widely held by over 4000 individual and corporate investors from throughout the Caribbean region.

BOSLIL is regulated by the Financial Services Supervision Unit of Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The Bank also conducts its business in accordance with internationally recognized principles of banking. BOSLIL has correspondent banking relationships and financial/investment relationships with some of the safest and most reputable banks in the world. Therefore, the integrity of BOSLIL is well respected and maintained.

Another bank we highly recommend is Hermes Bank in St. Lucia. Hermes has unprecedented customer service and its online system is both easy to use and extremely innovative. Most of all, Hermes staff are helpful and are always there to communicate with customers. The bank is privately owned and its board comprises of some of the most respected professionals in the offsore regulated space. Fortgate as a designated introducer to the bank, can open an account within 2 business days with no drawn out compliance issues to deal with. This makes banking with Hermes smooth and efficient.

Fortgate also works with a number of other Banks throughout the Caribbean region and will introduce the appropriate Bank to our clients, based first and foremost on our clients immediate needs. In all cases, we are proud of our quick turnover rate for opening offshore accounts and we strive for a high level of service on all of our accounts, no matter how complex or difficult the case may be.

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