FOILS offers competitive rates in the offshore space, coupled with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

About FortGate

Fortgate Offshore Investment and Legal Services LTD. or FOILS, is a full service professional services practice, which provides entrepreneurs and their businesses with Accounting, Tax, Fiduciary and Corporate Administration services. FOILS are licensed Registered Agents under the Registered Agents and Trade Licensing Act of Saint Lucia. FOILS specializes in company formation and administration. FOILS incorporates Saint Lucian  tax exempt, International Business Companies and Companies under the Companies Act of Saint Lucia, as well as dealing with a range of other offshore and onshore jurisdictions to accomplish its clients objectives.

FOILS is committed to building structures on the specific advice given to it by its tax advisors. We take responsibility for the implementation of these structures, and we work closely with our clients to ensure they are fully engaged in the professional directorship and fiduciary services we offer.

St. Lucia

FOILS believes that given Saint Lucia’s high valued reputation in the offshore corporate and financial services regulated space, it is unlikely the UK and EU tax legislative changes that are in place now, and will ultimately be made into law, will affect the tax exempt status of Saint Lucian IBCs. This we believe puts us in a unique position. Because Saint Lucia is not a British overseas Territory, and therefore under no legal, or international diplomatic obligation, to implement UK or EU tax legislative amendments, it is unlikely these amendments will affect the Tax Exempt status of Saint Lucian IBCs.

Products offered in St. Lucia

  • International Business Companies
  • Trusts
  • (Private) Mutual Funds
  • International Mutual Funds
  • Incorporated Cell Companies
  • Advantages from using St. Lucia incorporated Companies
  • IBC s may carry out most business purposes.
  • IBC offshore accounts can be opened and operated by the Client with no need for local Director or Registered Agent to manage these accounts.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement.
  • Shares may be issued with/without par value, multiple classes of shares, voting, non-voting.
  • Shares may be issued as registered shares only, with or without certificate.
  • Minimum of only one director, individual or corporate, required, not necessarily a local director.
  • No reporting requirements (financial statements) nor names of directors, shareholders that have to be filed.
  • Exempt from taxation.

For more information visit the IBC registry website Pinnacle St. Lucia.


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