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Saint Lucia is an island located in the Caribbean Sea just North of South America and south of the Bahamas. Saint Lucia is part of the East Caribbean Leeward Islands and although it used to be a Crown dependency of the United Kingdom, the country has been independent since 1979 and a sovereign state.

St. Lucia Financial Services are governed by the following legislation

  1. The International Business Companies Act.
  2. The International Banks Act.
  3. The Mutual Funds Act.
  4. The Registered Agents and Trustees Licensing Act.
  5. The Insurance Act.
  6. Citizenship by Investment Act.

Corporate Income Tax: The standard rate of corporate income tax for an International Business Company is 0%.

It is possible for an IBC to obtain permission to provide International Banking Services, Insurance, Private and International Mutual funds business, and other non-regulated financial services such as Forex trading, accounting services, legal services and financial advisory and consulting services. It is also possible to obtain St. Lucian citizenship but investment into the country’s citizenship by investment program. The program was launched in 2015 and provides for a smooth and efficient path to Saint Lucian Citizenship. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions about the services described.

Companies are registered with the International Business Companies Registry which is funded by the government, but operates for the most part like a company. The Company is known as Pinnacle and it provides all of the managerial and operational support to the registry. This allows for the smooth operation of the registry’s business, without the hassle involved in bureaucratic red tape. A St. Lucia company can be incorporated in minutes and documents are prepared and sent to the client within a few hours.

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