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We at Forgate are committed to offering efficient and precise professional directorship services to our clients. One of the hallmarks of owning a Saint Lucia offshore company is that there is no requirement under Saint Lucia law that your company appoint a local director who is ordinarily resident in Saint Lucia. However we appreciate that some clients require assistance in running the day to day “on the ground” management of their fshore company or simply want to manage these companies at an arms length.

In Saint Lucia, a professional director is appointed from one of our Professional Directorship services companies which themsevles include Fortgate’s own principals as directors. namely, Mrs. Theresa Hinkson and Mr. Tonjaka Kho-Hinkson.. Mr. Kho-Hinkson is a UK qualified Barrister and a Saint Lucia Attorney at Law whilst Mrs. Theresa Hinkson is a Charted Accountant with over 40 years experience.

In Saint Lucia, a professional director has the same obligations and responsibilities as those imposed on a director appointed under the Companies Act of Saint Lcuai and at common law. Our professional directorship services can act as a complete substitute for your own directorship appointment, thereby taking the added work and obligations out of your hands. Our professional services will include the following:

  1. As part of our professional directorship services we can maintain the day to day management, financial or operational matters of the company as this pertains to Saint Lucia. In fact we could assist you in drafting the approporiate managment agreement which will define the parameters of the day to day activties you wish us to perform.
  2. The professional director can execute company documents on behalf of the company if the client is absent or unavaiable to sign, or simply does not wish to engage in the execution of documents on behalf of the company as the beneficial owner of it.
  3. You need not appoint any other individuals as directors of your offshore company registered with us.
  4. You can terminate our services at any time and replace our professional director with anyone of your choice and that person need not be ordinarily resident in Saint Lucia.
  5. There is no requirement that your offshore company remain solvent in order to take advantage of these services nor is there any requirement of solvency in general.

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